Download the Nobori MIL-STD-2525 C++ SDK here

Try out integrating it into your own projects with our free evaluation C++ SDK. Check out the provided PNG, SVG, OpenGL, OSG and other examples and refer to the nobori.h header file to integrate it into your own application for testing. When you’re convinced the Nobori MIL-STD-2525 Joint US/NATO Warfighting Symbology C++ SDK is the perfect solution for your use, just come back here to purchase a license and start distributing it to your users!

Currently available compiled for Windows 64, MSVC++ 2019, this SDK has all the features of the full licensed SDK, with a few limitations:

  • Transparent backgrounds of symbols by opaque (non-transparent).
  • Symbols will have a text watermark.
  • The first 100 symbols generated will be done at full speed, after that they become progressively slower.

Download for Windows

Download the binary installer for Windows-64, for the MSVC++ 2019 compiler. 

Download for MacOS

Download the binary installer for 64-bit x86 MacOS, for XCode. 

Download for Linux

Download the binary installer for 64-bit x86 Linux, for LLVM. 

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